Axiom "A×is" Essentiae is a humanoid native in the dimension of Vale. He was born there to Dr. Integer Essentiae and Aria Loajin in 24 BPS. He spent much of his life attempting to impress Gail, before assisting in Lima's plan to retrieve the two Planets, Libras and Gladios. Shortly thereafter, he began pioneering primitive Overseer technology.

Physical Description

Axiom is a fairly tall humanoid being. He's almost always seen wearing a white cloak, with green trimmings. The skin on his hands appears almost gray, although it is unknown whether or not he wears gloves. On the rare occasions his cloak's hood is down, his face can be viewed. He appears similar to a Caucasian human male, albeit possessing dark green hair. Axiom is known for being fairly athletic, is somewhat tolerant to physical attacks, and has been shown to have excellent skills in swordplay and spear tossing.


Early Life:

Axiom was born to Integer and Aria Essentiae, being separated from his brother and mother not long after his birth. His father was often too busy pursuing experiments to take care of him. Alex Middnyte may have raised Axiom during the months directly before Alex's death.

Directly before PSitME:

Axiom has lived alone in his house for approximately half his life, and has invited the outsider Emma Middnyte to visit. It appears he's had contact with her, or at least knew she was coming, presumably due to her brother's messages.

Season 1:

Season 2

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