Biography (Kormenia)

As a child

Alexander Hampbelson Middnyte was born to Lady Middnyte and Sir Middnyte Sr. in Blanesburg, Kormenia, sometime from 1985 to 1995. A few years after, his sister Emmilia was born. He graduated school at 9 years old, excelling at Kormenia's underdeveloped curriculum. After that, he began studying Kormeanian culture and religion, becoming known officially as Reverend Middnyte at age ten. He spent the next two years as a national law enforcement officer.

In the Kormenian army

He served in Kormenia's army from the ages of twelve to fourteen, spending his latter two years as Ltn. Middnyte. His military strategies were said to be... "unique in their factoring of risk". After Kormenia made a treaty for peace with all surrounding countries, he began to build up a defense system.


That very defense system was finished a few months before an attack from a terrorist group, which Alex is said to have dispatched over 10% of with his sword that day. In order to honor his work in the Kormenian army, he was knighted by his great aunt, Queen Samantha.

Kormenian College of the Mental Arts

At the age of fifteen, he began studying psychology, and was approached by the Kormenian Internal Defense Agency to examine the school's questionable techniques. He graduated in just over half a year, becoming once and for all the Sir Reverend Doctor Lieutanant Officer Agent Middnyte we know today. However, the school is said to have recognized his power, and driven himto suicide, leaving his sister behind with their family struggles.

Biography (Vale)

With Integer


After Danaris' birth